A Very Vintage Christmas

Hi  Everyone,

It’s black friday in the U.S. and we seem to have some great deals up here in Canada too. I am finally starting to feel in the Christmas mood and I am going to start my shopping (along with everyone else) this weekend. I found some great shots of old Winnipeg department stores all jazzed up for Christmas to put everyone in the mood!

I hope you enjoy.

Eaton’s downtown Winnipeg was an iconic Department Store. The store was opened in 1905. After Eaton’s went bankrupt in 1999 the store was demolished and turned into the MTS Centre. (Home of the Winnipeg Jets)

I would love to be able to get all of my gifts from one beautiful shop.

The Bay Downtown Winnipeg.


I love these old stores and the history behind them. I remember going to both when I was a child. I still make sure I get to The Bay Downtown at least once a Christmas season.

Do you have any Christmas shopping traditions?

Happy Friday!



One thought on “A Very Vintage Christmas

  1. Thank you for this. Our family living in Winnipeg in the 1960’s. Eaton’s and The Bay is where we shopped. I remember both stores very well at Christmas. We were a military family who has been posted from West Germany to Winnipeg. The heavy snow filled winter was quite a shock. I still remember the Eaton’s catalogue, you could order in the morning, and it was delivered in the afternoon.

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